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In today’s competitive industry, skilled IT degree professionals are needed to design, run, and maintain the technology that allows the systems in various industries to function successfully. If you’re pursuing a career that requires the skills of an IT degree holder, Djagora University can help with degree programs that incorporate an in-depth knowledge and hands-on use of today’s information technology.

IT Programs for Students Interested in Information Systems Security

Students interested in information systems security (IT programs) may enjoy accessing and managing the transfer and unauthorized access to data in cyberspace. Consumers, businesses and governments rely on computer technicians to secure Internet and web services for information and communications. Unauthorized access can compromise reliability, privacy and security resulting in financial loss, the release of confidential information, damages to computer systems, costly staff time to restore operations and diminished reputation.

Business and governments use systems security professionals to design, configure, implement, manage, support and secure reliable computer systems. The responsibilities of computer technicians in this field have increased in recent years as cyber-attacks have become more sophisticated. Employees with skills and knowledge in systems security have become an important part of many information technology infrastructure teams.

Djagora University offers IT Programs with degrees in Information Systems Security, introducing students to a variety of topics, such as assessing the security needs of computer and network systems, various computer and network safeguarding solutions, and managing the implementation and maintenance of security devices, systems, procedures and countermeasures. Djagora also offers an online degree program in Information Systems Security for those interested in an education that provides the type of flexible schedules that an online education offers.

Our IT Programs:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The objective of this degree program is to prepare you to pursue career advancement in the field of information technology. At the completion of this degree, you may be able to design real-world e-media products or create technical solutions to hardware and software problems, depending on your chosen area of focus.

Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology

If you are interested in becoming an information technology professional, but need to enhance your skills and knowledge before you seek employment, the Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology is designed to prepare you to reach your professional goals. Our program prepares you with the general education, applied knowledge, and technical skills applicable to a wide range of entry-level positions.

Graduate Certificate in Information Security

The online Graduate Certificate in Information Security’s curriculum provides you with the opportunity to explore network operating systems, network security, threat detection and response methods, disaster recovery planning, cryptography, and information security and risk management.

Microsoft Operating Systems Post baccalaureate Certificate

The Microsoft Operating Systems Post baccalaureate Certificate’s curriculum provides you with the opportunity to study to acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence to help you succeed in the IT field. You could explore PC configuration and maintenance, desktop administration, network administration, and Active Directory configuration, and examine Microsoft operating systems.

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