Professional Development Courses

Professional Development Courses

Capacity building is an English term that has been defined by Van Geene (2003), as the process from which people; groups; organizations; institutions and societies increase their capacities to:

  1. Realize the functions of base, resolve problems; define and achieve objectives;
  2. Understand and answer to their development needs, in a large context and in the long-term

Djagora University aim at preparing University presidents and academic directors to build capacity to address the new and emerging challenges, which will render universities and training centers relevant for Africa’s future development.

To empower them with practical skills and competence that will allow them to best utilize existing capacity to deliver on key higher education objectives.

Become more effective in your organization by keeping your skills sharp and your knowledge relevant. Our noncredit professional development courses can give you more insights, and confidence, for your job today — and for what lies ahead in the workplace.

Professional development consists of courses that do not offer academic credit, but may award Continuing Education Units (CEUs), professional development units (PDUs) or contact hours that can help you meet certification or recertification requirements in your profession.

Djagora university offers the following courses:

Advanced Executive Communication Skills

In this program, you develop advanced skills in business communication, as well as public speaking and presentations in the workplace.
Cultural Competence for the Global Workforce 
In today’s business environment, the ability to communicate effectively across geographies and cultures is increasingly important. Do you know that someone from a different culture may be showing you respect by avoiding eye contact in conversation? Culture might also explain why you don’t receive quick e-mail replies from colleagues or clients in Asia.

In this program, you develop the skills to understand various cultures, including communication patterns, norms, expectations, and taboos. The program includes a mix of lectures, case studies, illustrative videos, discussion, and a cultural simulation exercise.

Globalization is not just a buzzword—it’s today’s way of life. DjU and ECLEE offers innovative opportunities for study abroad in Europe and the United States, as well as customized continuing education in America, Africa, Asia and Europe.
With a focus on developing real-world business skills, we combine traditional classroom learning with unique cultural experiences and weekly sightseeing excursions. Our international mobility students are exposed to real life situations, where they have the opportunity to learn from subject matter experts and job-shadow with companies in their discipline, where they can hone their professional skills in a protected and supportive environment. These highly popular programs are open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

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