Mission and Leadership

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Djagora University aim at closing the labor gap and provide worldwide career opportunities and values creations to Africa, Europe, America and Asia.

Our slogan:

Global Economic Health Attained through Ongoing General Education Programs Installed

Mission and Leadership

Founded in 2015, Djagora University aim at supporting the global economic health through education. Djagora is an African name for shepherd, because, we believe that every individual is a shepherd of their own life.

We believe that individuals are, and should be educated to create values for themselves, their family, their community, the environment they live in, and their country”.

DJU is accredited by the Government of Senegal. Our partners include Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and The European Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education (ECLEE), which is an independent training, education and research institution specialized in curriculum innovation, continuing education, and workforce development, and bridges the missing links between academia and industry by teaching cultural diversity, leadership, management, people skills, and international business—all while helping our students find their passion, self-confidence, and voice to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Our education mission stems from Leadership Diamond®, which links the deep insights of philosophy with immediate, bottom-line business issues to break through “stuck points” and do better business. Leadership Diamond compresses the complexity of universal themes that have recurred throughout history into a simple but not simplistic model – the Leadership Diamond®.

The Leadership Diamond®, created by Peter Koestenbaum, Ph.D., is a model of the leadership mind and a methodology for expanding leadership. The Diamond distinguishes four interdependent leadership imperatives, or “orientations”: Ethics, Vision, Courage and Reality. These orientations are your inner resources, always available to help you if you access them. The relationship among the four orientations determines the shape and size of the space within your Leadership Diamond®. The space within the Diamond is your leadership capacity, which is called “Greatness”.

Diversity Mission Statement

We believe that a diverse learning community is vital to achieving our mission of supporting student success.

Djagora is committed to serving a diverse society by creating a learning community made up of individuals representing a rich mixture of identities, experiences and beliefs, including different genders, ages, racial-ethnic backgrounds, languages, economic strata, religious beliefs and practices, sexual orientations, abilities and disabilities, national and geographical origins and locations, political beliefs and values.

We intend to achieve our mission in the following ways:

  • Creating a collaborative global working, learning, and teaching community that is respectful, inclusive and valuing of diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.
  • Recruiting and retaining top-notch faculty and staff members with diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, and by utilizing creative and equitable processes to support them.
  • Working with industry leaders as well as corporations to provide sustainable career path for our students, and by providing services which support students in successful degree completion and the attainment of their professional goals.
  • Promoting the transformative exchange of ideas in a high-quality professional curriculum infused with multicultural competencies, which prepares graduates to be effective in a multicultural society.

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