Continuing Education – Executive

Continuing Education – Executive

Djagora University offers valuable opportunities for lifelong learning, including continuing adult education, executive and professional programs, and special programs for school and universities director “Djagora Capacity Building Program”.

Executive Education


Certificate in Global Leadership: Program offered in collaboration with UCLA Executive Education 
Globalization is shrinking distances between geographies, people and cultures, creating a unique challenge for businesses as they expand into international markets, manage a diverse workforce and navigate local realities. This course prepares students to operate and communicate with a global mindset, negotiate in diverse cultures and make ethical business decisions under ambiguous circumstances. Students will learn the fundamentals of establishing and managing an international operation, including brand management in foreign markets and financial management of liquidity and risk.
After completion of this course, students will understand organizational challenges faced by enterprises going global and ways to mitigate risk through cross cultural awareness and application of sound business principles.
This Certificate is ideal for leadership of multinational organizations, employees who are striving to work collaboratively across cultures, and business owners considering international expansion. These include:
• Executives in multi-national organizations
• Managers responsible for international operations
• International work teams
• International associations and nonprofit organizations

Continuing Education – E-LEARNING

Today’s highly competitive job market means an education that prepares students for work is more important than ever. Education must help learners develop the skills employers need. By providing degree programs relevant to today’s working world, along with job search resources to uncover new career opportunities, Djagora University Professional & Continuing Education, we break down barriers to make education possible for all types of learners.

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