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Today’s manufacturing facilities and machinist shops rely on advanced manufacturing technology—advanced design software, programming skills, and computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines—to create high quality components. CNC programmers develop and input codes into a computer system that precisely guides lathes, turning centers, mills, routers and other machines. It’s detailed work that requires excellent technical skills and a passion for perfection.

Djagora’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology program combines the fundamentals of CNC machinery with advanced skills in CNC programming.

After you master the CNC technology used to control the equipment, you learn to program the software used to manufacture each component, including AutoCAD. Your classes are small, and taught by industry professionals, giving you practical, supervised experience writing actual CNC programs and working with different types of programs and machines.

As a graduate, you’ll be ready to apply your advanced manufacturing technology skills in an entry-level position in in almost any manufacturing facility.

Djagora University’s partner Ivy Tech (USA) Advanced Manufacturing program introduces:

students to a broad range of technical/automation skills that provide a broad, practical education that prepares students for the modern manufacturing environment. This program prepares students for employment with companies that have implemented team oriented design, production, safety, quality, and maintenance systems within the manufacturing environment

Ivy Tech



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