Djagora University® academic approach is inclusive.
Our aim is to enable many young people to have access to the appropriate learning; education and training that will allow them not only to create values, but also to be more competitive in this 21st century labor market and also to create their own business. In addition to general education, we have developed professional certification training in advanced areas to ensure fast employability for unskilled youth.

Djagora means, “shepherd” in Fulani and Hausa languages. In the monotheistic traditions, it is indicated that the majority of the prophets started as shepherd during his life. The shepherd is one who corrects, treats, empathizes, leads and educates. Thus is summed up our philosophy: we are all shepherds of our lives. The Djagora logo expresses this philosophy with its trio of colors, namely, light blue, dark blue and orange. The light blue symbolizes peace, serenity, dark blue represents truth, wisdom and confidence while orange characterizes intelligence, influence and enthusiasm. These colors follow the movement of elevation, which draws them towards excellence.

Our curriculum for higher education and professional certificates programs are the result of an accurate reflection, and research on the needs of African labor markets. To implement them, we have developed a strategic partnership with universities, public and private institutions in the United States, Europe and Africa.

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